Ryanair Urges Jet2 Boss to Avoid Check-in Queues – Fly Ryanair

Friday 25th September, 2009

Ryanair, the World’s favourite airline, today (23rd Sept 09) called on Jet 2 boss, Philip Meeson, to avoid the stress of flying on Jet 2 with its long check-in lines, and skip queues altogether by flying on one of Ryanair’s lower fare, web check-in, no queue flights.

Ryanair made the call after Mr Meeson received a warning from Police as a result of his foul mouth attack on lazy, inefficient Jet 2 handling staff at Manchester Airport who Mr Meeson accused of ‘doing nothing’ while over 220 passengers queued up for their flights.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“Ryanair allows passengers to check in before they leave home and avoid Jet 2’s long queues at the airport. With all Ryanair passengers now checking in online, Mr Meeson can avoid check in queues and get much lower fares by avoiding ‘long queue – Jet 2” and flying with Ryanair – the world’s favourite airline”.


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