Crash Yemenia Yemen Airways flight IY626, Airbus A310 missing

Tuesday 30th June, 2009

yemenia A310Clubske Air Radar confirms an Airbus A310 went down some 20 Nm from Moroni.

Bad weather reports are announced from Moroni.

Flight IY-626  from Sana’a to Moroni ,  about 142 passengers and 11 crewmembers are missing.

Clubske Air Research announces the flight left Paris on monday, made a stop in Yemen and then

flew on to the Comores. Most of the passengers on the disasterflight should be Comores-residents.

An airport source told AFP news agency that 66 of the passengers were French, although many are thought to have dual French-Comoran citizenship.

The Comores were already in aviation news in 1996 on 23th of november when a hijacked  Ethiopian Airlines flight 961 (a Boeing 767-260ER) went down off Comore’s beaches. (more here)

Soon more on this developing story.

At this moment probably this aircraft is involved in this accident :

7O-ADJ – Yemenia – Yemen Airways – Airbus A310-304

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